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Khrom MD - Enhance+Essence

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Barrier-Fortifying Milky Drops

• Boosts overall skin health
• Support skin healthy microbiome
• Maintains proper microbial balance of skin’s barrier
• Protects skin from environmental aggressors
• Easily absorbed
• Natural occurring antimicrobial properties
Barrier-Fortifying Milky Drops

OXYGENATING COMPLEX: touted for it wound-healing capabilities
and postbiotic benefits stimulates oxygen uptake, increases efficacy of
other active ingredients
NIACINAMIDE: anti-inflammatory, evens pigmentation and reduces
dark spots, regulates sebum production and improves the appearance of
ECTOIN: soothing, anti-inflammatory, provides sustained hydration,
potent environmental protection
JOJOBA MILK: rich in omega 9 and vitamins E and B, instantly and
deeply quench dehydration

After cleansing, apply morning and evening. Using pipette, dispense 2-3
drops and gently press into skin. Immediately follow with serum to lock
in essence.